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Fancy Joining Us?  Or just want to know more?
We have tried to answer any related questions below. For further information contact us @ [email protected] or Message us on Facebook.

Who are we & what do we do?

Where do we meet?

We are proud to be part of the Women's Institute, which is the largest voluntary women's organisation in the UK.  
The WI aims to provide women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.
we also seem to eat a lot of cake... 

How much time do I need to give?

As much or as little as you wish. Lets make jam has become a busy and popular group. We have dedicated regulars who form our committee and many members who are invaluable on 'jam' nights and supporting the groups endeavours. Some members wish to enjoy the monthly talk and have a natter and may not be inclined or have time for extra curricular items. Once you meet us you will find your place and  a level of involvement personal to you.  

How old must I be to join ?

Members must be 18 to join.

What are the talks about ?

All our speakers are brought in on the basis that our members have shown some interest in the topic they are going to be speaking about. 

We include members in decisions about speakers and in the development of the program which is revealed every October . New programmes are released in the new year . 

We have had some fabulous talks over the last few years that have included:

Photography, origami, serial killers, knickers, drumming, cake decorating, bread making, CSI, Zentangling, chocolate bingo, Cheese tasting and much more ...

To view our meetings go and check out our BLOG

or view our Current Programme 

What's a meeting?

On the second Friday of the month we hold our monthly meeting. This starts at 7.15pm where members can catch up and grab a brew, with the activity generally starting around 7.30pm. 

Meetings include a demonstration or talk which lasts approx 1 hour, lots of chatter whilst eating some cake and drinking tea, and a half hour run down of news, events and current competitions.  We're normally done by about 9.30pm - although we have been known to overrun from time to time as we do like to talk.

I would like to give a presentation ...

We are always looking for new speakers. Any talent you have please get in contact, all we ask is an hour of your time to demonstrate or give a presentation.

We can pay for certain speakers or provide re-imbersment for travel or materials.

Our current meeting venue is Saint Wulstan's Community Centre, Church Lane, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 0EH.

Parking is directly outside the community building and there is a pub next door for an overflow. The Car park is fairly small so can get busy on Jam evenings.

Church Lane, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 0EH.

Will I fit in ?

You never know till you try! 

Please forget any preconceived ideas you have about the Women's Institute, like everything else it changes with the times.(In fact we've had a few people visit and not believe that we are the WI!)  We are a young bunch some in actual age, some in attitude!

Lets make jam is a lively, friendly group that holds some character, coming to 'Jam' allows you to shake off the day whatever you do  and connect with women who have similar interests and like learning new things. 

Many friendships and bonds have developed here at jam we hope to keep that going. 

I don't like joining things alone ...

Its not always easy to join a group, so feel free to bring along a friend for moral support - but don't worry we make sure you feel welcome and most importantly get you a cuppa.

Don't miss out, contact us and a member of our fabulous committee will ease your worries. We are super friendly & the fabulous thing about social media is you can have a chat online before you come along and nosey through our photographs. When you arrive you will recognise us and feel part of the family already. 

What are activity days for members?

Activity days and nights are organised trips for members of the WI group. Self funded they allow members to take part in things they, perhaps would not do otherwise, such as theatre trips, meals out, or even camping. Activities are mostly husband and child free days out where we enjoy ourselves!

Craft Days 

As often as we can Lets make Jam run craft days that include seasonal lunch and two fabulous activities . Our groups are usually for 20 people and friends of Jam are welcome. 

What about WI competitions?

The Women's Institute often have competitions ranging from the best cake to best decorative hanger, they are fun and everyone is encouraged to join in.  In fact our Secretary tends to go a bit overboard with the encouragement - resistance is futile! We have won trophies for the last three years running in the County competitions - something we're really proud of given we're still a fairly new WI.

We run our own annual craft competition called the Nightingale Star.


The WI membership fee is currently £43 for one calendar year, however you may visit us up to 3 times in order to get to know us and make a decision on whether or not you wish to formally join our group. 

Your first meeting is free, then for months 2 and 3 we would appreciate a donation per visit, to help us to cover the cost of the speaker and any materials we use.  (You are welcome to join at any point.)There are no other fees outside of this. 

There are no other costs for the WI meeting but we do just ask for 50p towards tea, coffee, squash etc.


We also take it turns to bake or buy cakes to share at the meetings! 


Activity days and events are priced individually and are not compulsory.  The majority of extra costs are to cover the price of materials or tickets.

As part of your fee you will also receive the WI Life magazine, which is published 8 times per year.  

Please note, subscription fees are to be paid by everyone at the beginning of each calendar year.

What is the Monthly raffle?

We have small raffle each month to raise money for the group. Tickets are £1 and prizes range from pot plants, cake making supplies, kitchenware, floral displays and beauty items.  You are not obliged to purchase a raffle ticket - but we do have the best prizes!

I'm no good at baking or crafts or....

If you can't bake a cake then eat some that another member has made and give them the confidence to keep baking! If you can't sew, SO what! I bet the women next to you can't either. The Women's Institute is revered for its skills in arts, crafts and cookery but where do you think they all learned how to bake the best victoria sponge?

The WI is about learning, growing and sharing skills with one another. 

and ...

Everyone is good at something, many Jam girls are now experts in eating cake.

What does the committee do?

The committee is the lifeline of the group, every member volunteers their time to help make 'Let's Make Jam' run as smoothly as possible. Organising events, fundraising, baking, running the blog and website, managing the team, taking care of funds is all done by our committee members, so please be nice to them. 

We are always looking for new members to join in and help with committee requirements so if you want to be more involved grab a member of the team. 

What is WI life ?

WI Life magazine is especially for WI members and delivered directly to their doors eight times a year. The magazine features articles and news stories showcasing the diversity and wide-ranging interests of WI members from all walks of life.

I have mobility requirments.

The Church Hall is all on one level.  Please get in touch with a member of the Jam Team or email us if you have any requirements, we aim to please.

Our email address is:  [email protected]